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Men's and women's metal frame glasses

Metal is undoubtedly one of the best eyewear materials. Metal frame glasses are exceptionally durable and classy and come in a variety of styles so you can easily find the perfect pair.
If metal prescription sunglasses are what you are looking for, we have a variety of styles for you.

Metal glasses frame

Many people have the impression that the metal frame is heavy. But in fact, one of the biggest advantages of alloy frames made of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel is the lightweight comfort they provide. If you don't want your glasses to put unnecessary pressure on your ears or nose, metal is definitely the way to go!

Metal glasses, as the name suggests, refers to glasses frames made of metal. A variety of metal frame materials are available, including gold, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, titanium and alloys. The most distinguishing characteristics of metal are its luster, high corrosion resistance and robust structure. Compared with glasses made of other materials, metal frames are resistant to cracking and fading. Best of all, they're available in a variety of colors, including gold, copper, silver, bronze, and black. Metals are commonly found in different types of glasses, such as full and rimless frames. This popular material is used in over 80% of half-frame frames on the market.

Metal Frame Glasses

Titanium and beta-titanium are also popular materials for eyeglass frames. Titanium is a silver-grey metal that is lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion resistant. It has been used in everything from spacecraft to implantable medical devices such as heart valves.

Titanium glasses can be produced in a variety of colors for a clean, modern look with a hint of color. And it's hypoallergenic.

Some titanium frames are made of alloys that combine titanium and other metals, such as nickel or copper. Generally speaking, titanium alloy frames cost less than 100% titanium frames.

Monel - a mixture of many metals - is the most widely used material in making eyeglass frames. Its ductility and corrosion resistance are advantages.

Although most Monel frames are hypoallergenic, people with sensitive skin may experience irritation if Monel is applied directly to the face. But this can be avoided if the correct plating is used, such as nickel-free plating.